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Am I Required To Get Training?

If you are requalifying cylinders, any cylinders - high or low pressure, water jacket or modified hydro ("Proof Test") - , the answer is a simple “YES”. Here is what the regulations say:

Initial Training 49 CFR 172.704(c)

Every new hazmat employee must receive formal training (General Awareness, Function Specific, Safety, and Security) within 90 days of being hired (or changing jobs). The employee can work under the direct supervision (that means the supervisor must be present) of a properly trained and knowledgeable hazmat employee until training is completed. However, formal training must still be completed within 90 days of employment or changing jobs.

Recurrent Training 49 CFR 172.704(c)(2)

If you have not sent each of your test operators to a formal training program within the last three years, or set up a structured training course yourself (with documented outlines, training material, and tests), you are in violation of 49 CFR 172.704(c)(2). Don't be fooled by cheap one-day courses that rubber stamp meaningless certificates, or third party inspectors who come to your facility for a few hours and tell you you are trained. When the DOT shows up, who is going to pay the violation?

Click here to see what the DOT says.
Click here to see what the Transport Canada says.

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What is the Benefit of these Seminars?

These seminars are designed for anybody. No matter how long you have or have not been testing cylinders, you will benefit from this course. We have trained people who were hired the week before the seminar and had never touched a cylinder, all the way up to those who have been testing for 35 years. It doesn’t matter what brand of equipment you use, either. The principles of the Hydrostatic Test are the same for all brands of equipment, and Mr. Garton has worked on most types of Test Systems (unless you built it yourself, he’s probably seen it!).

He will teach your personnel how to understand the complex regulations, as well as teach them to become better test operators. That means more cylinders tested at the end of each day, and less chances of receiving a fine from the DOT.

The course includes instruction on Troubleshooting and Improving System Performance. Your people will return more valuable than when they left. The two days that they spend at the seminar will pay for itself over and over again in improved performance.

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Is there Any Reason not to Register Now?


Adherence to required Procedures and Regulations is the responsibility of the person and the company performing Cylinder Requalification. The D.O.T. has increased their facility and personnel inspections. This has resulted in some heavy fines!! These fines can be as high as $32,500 for such things as failure to properly re-test or mark cylinders. This seminar provides the tools you need to perform Cylinder Requalification properly, and to help avoid expensive fines.

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What do people say about these seminars?

One of the best.
- James E. Jones, Chief of Approvals(retired), US DOT

Mr. Garton “knows more about testing cylinders than anyone else in the world”
- Ron Abis (deceased), Cylinder Program Manager, Enforcement, US DOT

“I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that last week we had a DOT inspector come through our door. Anyway to make a long story short he did his inspection and found no violations. I had told him that we got our training through you and I found out later that he told my boss that he could always tell when someone had attended your training because they "spoke the right language and did all the right things". So I just wanted to say thanks for the great training, I know we did what we are supposed to do, but we probably wouldn't have done it correctly without your great training.”
- Tom Wendorf, M. Jacks Fire & Safety

“The most knowledgeable person about hydrotesting in the US (maybe the world).”
- John Anderson, Airgas-SAFECOR

"I've been visited by the DOT twice since I've been coming to these seminars, and I haven't received a fine either time. I know it's because of what I learned here."
- Danny Dickinson, West Georgia Fire Extinguisher

“I attended your seminar last year in Las Vegas and absolutely loved it. I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short period of time. Obviously, your teaching helped. I went from a “ZERO” knowledge person, to a person who actually passed the test and was one of the “most improved” persons of that session.”
- Doug Christensen, Christensen Fire Extinguisher

“We had a DOT audit last week and had NO findings, I would like to personally thank you for the job you and your crew have done with these seminars. Your efforts do not go unappreciated.”
- Matt Carter, Airgas West

“I thought I would offer this for a testimonial to you and your company. The training you gave was outstanding. It taught me a few new things and clarified many items I have read and did not know if I interpreted them from the CFR 49 and CGA pamphlets correctly. The other guys have nothing on you.”
- Russell Hotchkiss, Waterloo Fire Extinguisher

"The best course I’ve ever been to in my life!"
- Jerry McNelly, FAA Inspector

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