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Here you will find information regarding Hazmat Training for Cylinder Retesters. That is what we do, and it is ALL we do. We provide training seminars for people who retest cylinders.

Darrell Garton (former Vice President of Galiso Inc.) created these seminars and has trained over 4,000 people since 1986. That's the real number, not counting duplicates who have come back for their recurrent training! No one else in the world has taught that many people to test cylinders. Included in the list of those trained by Mr. Garton are many of the DOT Enforcement Officers, FAA Inspectors, and TC (Transport Canada) Field Inspectors. In July of 2000 Mr. Garton branched off and created his own company. This new company, CTC (Certified Training Co.), is offering the same informative seminars that have become the standard of this industry.

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CTC Online Training is coming!! Click Here

The demo is up, but we are still working on the full version. Sorry for the delay!

Which CGA Pamphlets am I supposed to have??? Click Here

(This is no change for DOT, but TC has changed with the 2014 B339.)


Sidewall Stamping in Cylinders Click Here

Be Careful! These cylinders cannot be requalified, they are to be condemned.

Valve Insertion Guide Click Here

Compilation of the best data I have been able to put together from CGA documents and industry experts. (See also in the Resources section.)

FAA Order 8900.1 Click Here

Only US DOT Cylinder allowed on US registered aircraft. (See also in the Resources section.)


eCFR Now Available Click Here

(The new CFR prints each Oct. 1, and is generally available after the first of the year.)

Here is the Link to the DOT site. Click Here.




US DOT Courses Click Here

Transport Canada Courses Click Here

It's back!!! Try our "HydroQuiz"


Don't forget, 6351 Alloy Aluminum cylinders now require Eddy Current Examination. See section 180.209(m) in the regulations after 2006.


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